Sarah Rose (unwantedmiracle) wrote in oh_so_cunt,
Sarah Rose

im a cunt face

+name| Sarah
+age| 14
+location|  essex MD
+sexual preference| straight
+significant other| no one
+top bands| the used, poison the well, nirvana,incubus, taking back sunday,311,greenday
Opinion on|
+drugs| never done anything except pot, but its alright to try just dont get heavily addicted
+drinking| drinking is good, always a fun time.
+sex| another good thing
+pubic hair| shave it
+what makes you a CUNT?| im me, open minded, honest, and not fake or materalistic
+three pictures of yourself|
+picture of the sexiest person you know|
+promote in 1 community or 2 journals. and show here|

oh and katie, happy belated birthda, even though i told ya about 45 times and sorry i didnt make it out there last night.

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Your answers were right to the point.
I have to say the same.
Good luck sarah.
see you in school cunt face <3

you have my yes!!
thank you, see you in school also.
you klnow you will
why not :)
thank you
i say....


after all, i do love you so.
i love you too... and im listening to your song "dip it low, pick it up slow."
haha you know the eljay cut thing. how you have the smily face
inbetween the two half circle things. it kind of looks like a
hamburger if you look at it long i did. shut up.
hahaha lol yeah it does, but only you can spot those things out.
hahahahahaha. YOU KNOW IT!
Yeah sure.

+ Nirvana is the love of my life.
+ Incubus
+ You're so cute!



- Chelsea
:) thanks hun
hey CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vote&promote cuntface.
haha thanks