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Im a cunt face


+name| Amanda Elizabeth
+age| 13... haha im almost 14.. late birthdays suck
+location| Baltimore, Maryland
+sexual preference| Straight
+significant other| Justin<33
+top bands| Blood Brothers, Bright Eyes, The Faint, Brand New, The Cure, The Postal Service, Atreyu(for some weird reason), Thursday, Underoath, Hot Hot Heat, Against Me!, The Locust QUEEN, pretty much any big hair 80's band,
Opinion on|
+drugs| there ok, i cant say im against them since ive done them alot before. just you should know where to draw the line with them.
+drinking| same with the drugs answer, its good for fun but not as a daily habit.
+sex| hmm its great
+pubic hair| i like it shaved.
+what makes you a CUNT?| i think my personality does
+three pictures of yourself|

+picture of the sexiest person you know|
this is my friend sarah's boyfriend matt, i swear this boy looks like tom delonges twin,
and shes beautiful too

& her & matt-

i must say that is the sexiest couple i have ever seen in my life<3
+promote in 1 community or 2 journals. and show here| http://www.livejournal.com/community/sunshine_beauty/50802.html

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