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Im a cunt face =]

Application +name|--Lindsay +age|--15 +location|--Phoenix, Az +sexual preference|--Straight +significant other|--Yes, his name is Clay +top bands|--Bayside, Taking back sunday, Silverstein, Pretty girls amke graves, Death cab for cutie, Postal service. I have alot of favorites but these are the *Main* ones. Opinion on| +drugs|--I personally DONT like/do drugs of any kind. I used to but had a bad experience in the family which completely turned me off from them. But i REFUSE to let anyone elses opinions on them affect my opinion of them. +drinking|--Same as above. I Dont like excessive drinking. A little buzz is kind of fun, but if Im around someone shit-faced, I personally dont want to be around the person. +sex|--I'm not apposed to pre-marital sex at all. Im not a virgin so I obviousely have nothing against it. the only thing I hate is casual sex. At least care about the fuckin person. +pubic hair|--Ew. Thats all. haha. I hate pubes. +what makes you a CUNT?|--Cuz im just...fucking rad like that. And I wont hold back in comments. Im blunt, but fair. =] +three pictures of yourself| One--Image hosted by Photobucket.com two--Image hosted by Photobucket.com BOOM!--Image hosted by Photobucket.com +picture of the sexiest person you know| my baby-Image hosted by Photobucket.com +promote in 1 community or 2 journals. and show here| 1. www.livejournal.com/users/negative_tone 2.www.livejournal.com/users/nerdsrsexy619 +if you dont post pics you're post is deleted| &put your best pictures. we dont give 2nd chances| =]
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