Sarah Rose (unwantedmiracle) wrote in oh_so_cunt,
Sarah Rose

im a cunt face

+name| Sarah
+age| 14
+location|  essex MD
+sexual preference| straight
+significant other| no one
+top bands| the used, poison the well, nirvana,incubus, taking back sunday,311,greenday
Opinion on|
+drugs| never done anything except pot, but its alright to try just dont get heavily addicted
+drinking| drinking is good, always a fun time.
+sex| another good thing
+pubic hair| shave it
+what makes you a CUNT?| im me, open minded, honest, and not fake or materalistic
+three pictures of yourself|
+picture of the sexiest person you know|
+promote in 1 community or 2 journals. and show here|

oh and katie, happy belated birthda, even though i told ya about 45 times and sorry i didnt make it out there last night.

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