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i'm a cuntface.

+name| Kayla.
+age| Sixteen
+location| Haverhill Massachusetts.
+sexual preference| Straight.
+significant other|
I got a boyfriend.  James. He's pretty much, amazing.
+top bands| The Adicts, X-Ray Spex, The Misfits, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, Dead Boys, X, Jonee Earthquake Band, The Knox, Red Invasion, and so forth.
Opinion on|
Drugs are okay to a point.  I've done my share of drugs, but I'll stick with just doing marijuiana.
+drinking| Drinking it fun if your doing it with someone, and you aren't always doing it just to get drunk.  I'm a social drinker.
+sex| Amazing, but sucks.  I really think it should be done with someone you really have feelings for, or know won't fuck you over.  ahem.
+pubic hair| Annoying, so I shave.
+what makes you a CUNT?| I am brutally honest.  I tell people how it is.
+three pictures of yourself|


+picture of the sexiest person you know|my ex.  He's gorgeous and the sweetest thing alive.
+promote in 1 community or 2 journals. and show here|  Promoted.


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